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Garbage Collection

Important Change in Village of Butler’s Waste Hauling Contract

Effective January 1, 2016, the Village of Butler will enter into a new Contract with Johns Disposal. We will transition to 96 gallon garbage and recycling containers that will be collected by an automated system. More information about this change is available here.

Christmas Trees

Please put your Christmas tress out by the curb (do not put them in a bag). DPW crews will collect them the week of January 11 and January 25.

Bulk and large Items

Effective January 1, Johns Disposal will remove bulk and large items from residential properties in the Village for a small fee.  Please make arrangements with Johns Disposal if you would like them to remove large items by calling 262-473-4700.

Yard Waste Program

Johns Disposal will offer a subscription yard waste collection to all residents from April 1 through November 31 annually. Yard waste may not exceed 2 bags or containers per week per home. The cost of the program is $115 annually. If you are interested in enrolling, please call 262-473-4700.

Garbage and Recycling Collection FAQ's

Q: When will the totes be delivered?

A: The totes will be delivered to the end of your driveway the week of December 28, 2015.

Q: What day of the week will collection be?

A: Pick-up days will still be Monday.  Garbage will start January 4, and recycling will start January 11.

Q: Which tote is garbage and which is recycling?

A: The brown tote is garbage, and the green tote is recycling.  They are labeled on top of the lid.

Q: What do I do with my old garbage and recycling cans once I get my new ones from Johns Disposal?

A: You can place them inside your recycling tote (if they fit) and they will be collected. You may also place them beside your recycling tote (with a note that you would like them disposed of) and they will be collected. Or you can use them for other purposes around your home!

Q: Where do I place the containers for collection?

A: All carts must be placed at the end of your drive way, or in the grass between the sidewalk and road, next to your driveway to ensure collection.Please make sure they are within 2 feet of the street and at least 6 feet from any vehicle or other object.

Q: Is recycling collected every week?

A: NO. Recycling will now be collected bi-weekly starting January 11.Garbage will be collected weekly starting January 4.

Q: The carts are too big, I will never fill 96 gallons - are there any other sizes?

A: We are having every home try the 96 gallon garbage and recycling containers for 30 days. After 30 days if you believe the cart is too big or you do not consistently fill it, Johns Disposal will switch it out to a smaller one free of charge. You can also mix and match to fit your needs (large recycling, small garbage).

Q: I live in a multi-unit building (six or eight unit, or an apartment building), how does this change affect me?

A: John's Disposal will be delivering both garbage and recycling dumpsters to your buildings on December 30. Waste Management is scheduled to remove their dumpsters on December 30 as well.

Q: What can I put in the recycling tote?
A: This guide tells you what you can place in each container.

Q: Can I place extra bags next to my totes for collection?

A: No.  Due to the automated system that is used, all materials for collection must fit inside the container.  If you have extra, please save it until the next collection, or ask your neighbor if they have room.  If you have bulk items, please schedule a special pick-up. 

Q: What happens if somebody parks in front of my totes after I put them out?

A: The driver will get out and move the cart to a location where he can access it with the automated arm.  Please find a location that would avoid this situation. 

Q: Where do I put my car when there is snow in the way?

A: We suggest that you shovel a small area on either side of your driveway in the grass between the curb and street.  This will ensure that you always have a level and easily accessible location to place your totes. 

Q: What if they miss my home on collection day?

A: Either call Village Hall at 262-783-2525 or Johns Disposal at 262-473-4700 to report the missed collection.