Municipal Code

Municipal Code


2023 Village of Butler Fee Schedule

Errors in electronic conversion or transmission are possible, and the code is occasionally amended.  Therefore, to insure accuracy, the official printed version of the Village of Butler Code of Ordinances should be checked for the latest amendments and corrections.

Please contact Village Hall at 262-783-2525 with any questions that you may have. Thank you.

Recently Adopted Ordinances


Recently Adopted Resolutions

Resolution 22-01 – Resolution Awarding the Sale of $1,425,000 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2022A

Resolution 22-02 – Resolution Rescheduling Certain Village Board and Committee Meetings due to the 2022 Spring Election Schedule

Resolution 22-03 Resolution to approve Compliance Maintenance Annual Report

Resolution 22-07 Waukesha County Hazard Mitigation

Resolution 22-08 Library Levy

Resolution 22-09 Tree Grant

Resolution 22-10 Individual Fund Budget

Resolution 22-11 Utility Fund Operating Budget

Resolution 22-12 Delinquent Accounts

Resolution 22-13 Revising Fee Schedule