2021 Road Construction Updates

Butler’s 2021 Road and Water Main Replacement Program is slated to begin on Monday, May 17.  The water main installation will begin first then road replacement will follow.   The paving phasing may can be viewed here. There will be limited and restricted access to roads and driveways throughout this time.   Check back to this page often for construction updates.

May 17, 2021

Today was the start of the water main installation for the 2021 Butler Paving Program.  The crew started at 124th and Villard, proceeded down Villard and will stop just short of the intersection of 125th today.  For the remainder of the week the crew will proceed west down Villard to 126th and then go south on 126th St. from intersection of 126th and Villard to Eggert.  This work will limit access to one lane and when loading trucks with spoil there will be no access.  Thank you in advance for your patience and use of alternate routes.

May 24, 2021

Water main installation will continue for this week.  The crew will finish up in intersection of 126th and Eggert this morning and then move to the intersection of Villard and 125th and continue south toward Eggert.  If crew finishes south at Eggert this week they will then move back to the intersection of 125th and Villard and start laying water main to the north.

May 31, 2021

The water main crew will continue north down 125th then west down Rohr and south down 126th to Villard.  This work may go into the following week but crews are making good progress.

June 7, 2021

The mainline water main around the Rohr loop (125th St north of Villard, Rohr, and 126th north of Villard) will be completed today and ready for testing.

The new main on Villard and 126th/125th to Eggert will be connected to water at 124th St. today and crew will begin installing water services this week.  All businesses will be made aware of service work, please expect  loss of service in order to hook into the new main.

June 15, 2021

No work being done on site today as crew was waiting on safe water sample.

Tomorrow MJ will be making water main connection from new main on 125th south of Villard to new main on 125th north of Villard.  Those affected by this shut down have been notified.

Remainder of the week the water crew will be installing services around the Rohr loop and will notify businesses of connections as there will be a temporary water shut down to hook up to new system.

An additional water main shut down may occur on 126th between Eggert and Villard in order to make connection to new main north of Villard.  These businesses will be given proper notice before work to be completed.

June 17, 2021

Today 6/17 the crew will be installing services on 126th between Villard and Rohr.  These are all long services spanning the full road width and therefore the road will be closed in the area in which they are working.  Please go around if possible to avoid the work being done and if you need to get somewhere specific don’t hesitate to call me (262-441-0098) and we can work with crew.

Tomorrow 6/18 the crew will be doing connection at intersection of Villard and 126th please avoid this area as well.

June 28, 2021

No work on site today.

Tomorrow 6/29 the saw cutters will be on site to saw for concrete and asphalt removals.

These are marked with pink paint.  We may ask for cars to be moved if in the way.

Cars that usually park in lot on west side of 125th just north of Eggert may need to move or park back far enough for asphalt saw cut which is 3’ from back of curb.