COVID-19 Updates and Response

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues, the following resources are from reputable sources and can aid in the general information of the public and contain tips on how to prevent the spread of the disease. If you suspect that you or a family member have COVID-19 please contact your primary care provider immediately.

May 14, 2020

A few updates as we adjust given the Supreme Court’s ruling from yesterday;

1. All parking permits will not be enforced through the end of September. This is to account for both the current suspension and for the 127th Street Road Project. At this time, starting OCTOBER, all parking regulations will be enforced.

2. Alternate side parking will still be enforced.

3. The Playground at Frontier Park will be open. Please note that we will not be cleaning or sanitizing equipment. Please observe all social distancing guidelines when at the park. We will be continually monitoring this and will adjust if needed based on public adherence to social distancing guidelines.

4. We are placing a hold on all park and recreation programming until we receive additional guidance from State or County Officials

May 13, 2020

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned Governor Evers extended stay at home order, effective immediately.

Guidance was given that counties and local municipalities could impose local orders similar to safer at home. At this time, Waukesha County has not adopted such orders and the Village of Butler is not imposing local restrictions.

All businesses in the Village are free to open. We HIGHLY suggest individual patrons take all necessary and available safety precautions as well as all businesses take precautions to operate in a safe manner.

We will keep you updated as further guidance becomes public or if additional orders are given by the State or Waukesha County.

March 24, 2020

Gov. Evers Directs DHS to Issue Safer at Home Order

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today directed Department of Health Services (DHS) Secretary-designee Andrea Palm to issue a Safer at Home order that prohibits all nonessential travel, with some exceptions as clarified and defined in the order. The order is available here.

The order is effective at 8 am on Weds., March 25, 2020 and will remain in effect until 8 am Fri., April 24, 2020, or until a superseding order is issued.

“I know the COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult and has disrupted the lives of people across our state. Issuing a Safer at Home order isn’t something I thought we’d have to do and it’s not something I take lightly, but here’s the bottom line: folks need to start taking this seriously,” said Gov. Evers. “Each and every one of us has to do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 so we can flatten the curve to ensure our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have the opportunity to do their important work. Let’s all do our part and work together.”

Individuals do not need special permission to leave their homes, but they must comply with this order as to when it is permissible to leave home. Similarly, if a business is an Essential Business or Operation as defined in this order, it does not need documentation or certification to continue its work that is done in compliance with this order.

Under this order, Wisconsin residents are able to: 

  • Perform tasks essential to maintain health and safety, such as obtaining medicine or seeing a doctor;
  • Get necessary services or supplies for themselves or their family or household members, such as getting food and supplies, pet food and supplies necessary for staying at home;
  • Care for a family member in another household; and
  • Care for older adults, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or other vulnerable persons.

Businesses allowed to operate under the Safer at Home order include, but are not limited to: 

  • Health care operations, including home health workers;
  • Critical infrastructure;
  • Businesses that provide food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable individuals;
  • Fresh and non-perishable food retailers, including convenience stores, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and food banks;
  • Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food and goods directly to residences;
  • Pharmacies, health care supply stores and health care facilities;
  • Child care facilities, with some limitations;
  • Gas stations and auto repair facilities;
  • Banks;
  • Laundry businesses, dry cleaners and services necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of a residence, including garbage collection;
  • Hardware stores, plumbers, and electricians;
  • Educational institutions, for the purposes of facilitating distance learning;
  • Roles required for any business to maintain minimumbasic operations, which includes security, and payroll; and
  • Law and safety, and essential government functions will continue under the recommended action.

The order contains detailed information regarding the exemptions provided to certain businesses. If a business is unsure about whether or not they are exempted from this order, please contact the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation here. 

The public should follow simple steps to prevent illness and avoid exposure to this virus including:

  • Avoid social gatherings with people of all ages (including playdates and sleepovers, parties, large family dinners, visitors in your home, non-essential workers in your house);
  • Frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water;
  • Covering coughs and sneezes;
  • Avoiding touching your face; and
  • Staying home.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and we encourage you and the public to frequently monitor the DHS website for updates, and to follow @DHSWI on Facebook and Twitter, or dhs.wi on Instagram. Additional information can be found on the CDC website.

March 23, 2020

In accordance with the WI DNR’s and WI Public Service Commission’s recent guidelines regarding water utilities, the Village will be extending the deadline to pay 1st quarter utility bills until July 1, 2020. Additionally, no penalties will be calculated during this time.

The Village has waived credit card processing fees for online payments. Please visit to make your payments online.

Village Hall Closed

President Tiarks has issued an updated emergency proclamation ordering all Village facilities closed to the public starting Tuesday, March 24, 2020 until further notice. This includes the Village Hall, the Library, the Public Works facility, Community Building, and the Florence Liebl Playground.

We have many options for residents to access Village services virtually. Visit for our virtual Village Hall. We have also made an number of accommodations to make this difficult time a little easier.

  1. All 1st quarter utility bills originally due on April 10, 2020 are now due July 1, 2020. No penalties will be assessed during this time.
  2. The Village has waived credit card fees for all payments made online.
  3. Parking permit enforcement suspended until further notice.  Alternate side parking will still be enforced.

Village Hall staff will still be on hand during normal business hours ( M-F 8 am – 4 pm) to answer the phone and respond to inquiries. Please call 262-783-2525 for assistance.

In-Person Absentee Voting Amended

The Village has amended its in-person absentee or “early voting” at Village Hall due to the increased COVID-19 exposure risk for the public, poll workers, and municipal employees. Village Hall will not be open for walk-in voting. All voters are strongly urged to request an absentee ballot by mail.

Voters may still request an absentee ballot online at . The current deadline to request a ballot by mail is 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 2nd. However, please request as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery.

Online voter registration, which had been previously suspended in Wisconsin, will resume online on March 24 through March 30 on .

All registered voters should have already received a paper copy of the absentee ballot application in the mail. These requests can be dropped in the Village Hall drop box or mailed back to Village Hall. If you have not already submitted a copy of your photo ID, you will need to submit one with your request. If you are not sure if you have already submitted your photo ID, include a copy with your request to be safe.

If you are unable to register to vote or change your address using the online option or need to absentee vote in-person by appointment, please contact Village Hall at (262) 783-2525.

Even during extraordinarily difficult times, residents are encouraged to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the upcoming election. Absentee voting by-mail is accessible to the public and safe.  Absentee ballots are being mailed as requests are processed.

Currently, Election Day, Tuesday, April 7, will also serve as an opportunity to cast a vote in person at the polls from 7:00 a m – 8:00 p.m.; however, to reiterate, the Wisconsin Elections Commission strongly recommends that anyone planning to vote should request to have an absentee ballot mailed to them as soon as possible.

March 19, 2020

    • This week, Village President Patricia Tiarks declared a State of Emergency for the Village of Butler. This action is in line with similar declarations at the Federal, State, and County levels. This declarations allows Village officials to act quickly to protect the health and safety of the public and allows for potential expense reimbursement should monies become available. The full declaration is on our website at:
  • In-person absentee voting is now taking place at Village Hall. A few requests:
  • Please wash your hands before approaching the Administration Counter. There is a bathroom in the Village Hall lobby.
  • Be prepared to show your Photo ID.
  • Please keep a distance of 6 feet from any other person in the lobby.
  • Please wash your hands after you are done voting.
The Village Hall lobby counter area and lobby voting booth are being sanitized multiple times per day.
Please abide by these precautions to keep our staff and the general public safe.
  • Starting today (3/19/20) all credit card processing fees will be waived for payments made online from the Village’s website This includes all court citations, utility bills, building permits and misc permits. If you unsure how much you owe on a citation or utility bill, please call Village Hall at 262-783-2525 and we will be happy to help you. Credit card fees will still be charged for in-person transactions. If you have the ability to pay online from home, please do so.
  • Effective today, the Florence Liebl Playground at Frontier Park is closed indefinitely. We sincerely apologize, but we do not have the staff or resources to keep the playground sanitized and safe for play. We are also doing this to have the public avoid interactions with groups of 10 or more.
  • This week a letter and absentee ballot application were mailed to all currently registered voters in the Village. This letter outlines your options for absentee voting. If you have already requested an absentee ballot, please disregard this letter.

March 18, 2020

1. We have decided to start in-person absentee voting early.  You can now vote in-person at Village Hall.  Please wash your hands before and after voting.  Please stay 6 feet away from other patrons in the lobby at all times.

March 17, 2020

  1. All initial appearances scheduled for the April 2 Municipal Court have been postponed until May 21, 2020.  The Butler Municipal Court will be notifying all affected individuals in writing of this change.  If you have questions about when you are scheduled to appear in Municipal Court, please call Court Clerk Robin Mateicka at 262-781-2431 or email
  2. All library programs are cancelled through April 29th. The library will remain closed indefinitely. We remain in constant contact with our library system and municipality, and are following their leads on how long we will physically be closed.
    For now, the Butler Public Library is still offering curbside pickup through the end of this week. Please follow the steps below to receive materials.
     Place items on hold through the CAFÉ catalog Be sure Butler Library is your option for pick up.
     We will no longer have delivery services from other Bridges Libraries after tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th. We will still be able to pull items from our Butler shelves.  You may also call the Library at 262-783-2535 and we will assist you in placing holds.
     Call the Library with your Library card number and we will check the items out for you and schedule a pick up time.
     Pick up your items at the front doors of the Library. Bring your Library card with you.
     We will wipe down every item a patron checks out before pick up.  Our hours are shortened through this week for phone calls and pick up. Tuesday-Wednesday 10 am – 7 pm, Thursday 10 am – 4 pm (earlier closing time), and Friday and Saturday 10 am – 3 pm.
    The due date for all items that are currently checked out to patrons has been changed to May 1, 2020. No fines or late fees will be charged until after May 1, 2020. You may keep all of your items until then! As a reminder, you can access digital library services, such as eBooks, e-audios, digital magazines, and online classes with your library card at no cost:
  3. Governor Evers has issued a mandate to closed all bars and restaurants except for take out service, banned gatherings of 10 or more, and cancelled schools until further notice.

March 16, 2020

1. Following Governor Evers order to limit all gatherings of 50 or more, all community building rentals exceeding 50 persons have been cancelled through May 11.  No new rentals are being taken at this time.  Once we receive guidelines as to when it is safe to resume rentals, we will let the public know.

2. SafeBuilt, the Village’s building inspection contractor, has suspended all non-essential inspections (dishwasher, furnaces, water heaters, etc) until at least mid-April due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All essential inspections will still take place.

Permits as still required if you are doing work during this time. All inspections will be completed when inspections resume.

March 15, 2020

A variety of factors have prompted the Butler Public Library to close the library to the public through at least
April 3rd. These include the declaration of a national emergency, the latest health information available as of
today and the safety of the community. Very specific factors to our Library include the closing of the school
district, which most likely would prompt greater foot traffic in the Library, gatherings of our most vulnerable
populations that visit the Library including senior citizens, and the inability to maintain social distances. We
would rather, as several libraries in the Bridges Library System have elected to do, close for the greater good
than become an epicenter for transmission and spread.

At an abundance of caution, we urge our community to remain calm. These measures are in place with the
mindset of prudence according to recommendations and not public panic or known exposure. A prevention
mindset helps flatten the curve of exposure risk, assisting our community and healthcare resources with the goal
of wellness. We understand that public opinion may be varied, however as a matter of concern and a deep
understanding of the variety of users of the Library and the limitations of the facility and staff, these difficult
decisions were reached with the most reputable informative resources available. Please check our website and
Facebook page for any updates – as the situation changes rapidly.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to access any of our digital services, such as eBooks, Audiobooks,
digital magazines, databases and online classes from home with your library card at
The Butler Public Library will extend all due dates to April 6th and will not be charging fines on our materials
that are currently checked out. You do not need to return any of your Butler items before April 6th. However,
our Book Return will remain open if you do care to make returns. Staff will wipe down every item we receive in
the book return before putting it back into circulation

  1. At this time the Butler Public Library will also offer a curbside pickup of items for patrons.
  2. Place items on hold through the CAFÉ catalog…. Be sure Butler Library is your
    option for pick up.
  3. For now, we will still have a delivery service from other Bridges Libraries.
  4.  You may also call the Library at 262-783-2535 and we will assist you in placing holds.
  5. Call the Library with your Library card number and we will check the items out for you and schedule a
    pick-up time.
  6. Pick up your items at the front doors of the Library. Bring your Library card with you.
  7. We will wipe down every item a patron checks out before pick up.
  8. As of now our hours will remain the same for phone calls and pick up.

Monday-Wednesday 10 am – 7 pm, Thursday 10 am – 8 pm, and Fridays and Saturdays 10 am – 3 pm.


March 12, 2020

As many of you are aware, yesterday there was a case of COVID-19 confirmed in Waukesha County. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has issued a press release on the confirmation as well as new travel guidelines :

In addition to the most common precautions being taken by the general public, the Village is now asking the public to;

• Go online and request an absentee ballot by mail for the April 7 election. We are strongly encouraging that residents vote by mail for this election.
• If you need to register to vote, please also do that online;
• Utilize the Village’s website, to access Village services virtually. You can make payments, fill out permits and applications, and find answers to common questions all from our website.
• We urge all water utility, court citations, personal property taxes, building permits, etc, to be paid online, via mail, or by utilizing the drobox at Village Hall.
• Follow the Village’s website, social media accounts, and e-newsletter for regular updates on Village operations and potential event cancellations. We will keep the public information on developments as they happen.

What we are doing as a Village:

• Village officials are working closely with the Waukesha County Public Health Department. The Public Health Department is the best source for local information on COVID-19:
• The Fire Department, Police Department, other first responders and all Departments in the Village are making plans and preparing.
• The safety of our constituents is our highest priority. The Villages is committed to maintaining essential public safety services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect our citizens, the vulnerable populations we serve and our employees, we ask that if you need to call 911 that you tell the emergency dispatchers if you have been diagnosed with or reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID-19. This information is subject to the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA) and will be protected accordingly.
• We will follow the guidance of the State and County Public Health Departments on public gatherings. Follow the Village’s website, social media accounts, and e-newsletter for regular updates on Village operations and potential event cancellations. We will keep the public information on developments as they happen.
• We are working to ensure that cleaning of common areas, door handles, etc. at all Village facilities are properly and regularly cleaned and sanitized to make them as safe as possible.

This is a rapidly changing and evolving situation. In coordination with the Waukesha County Public Health we will work to keep you updated on the situation in Waukesha County and the Village.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Waukesha County Public Health

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Johns Hopkins University Visual Dashboard