MCTS Bus Route Extension

Last week, Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) informed the Village that beginning August 29 that bus service will be extended and run south on 124th Street from Silver Spring to Burleigh. This includes six bus stops in the Village. The route map can be viewed at,-88.06333,15.677&public=true
The Village had not been previously consulted on the route extension nor were we consulted about the bus stop locations.
The Village has expressed traffic concerns about two bus stop locations, and MCTS has agreed to review those locations before installing permanent signs.
MCTS also informed the Village that the route will begin on August 29 whether stop locations have been agreed upon or not. We hope to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with MCTS on stop locations, but wanted to inform the public as to the route extension right away.
If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the MCTS route extension, please contact MCTS directly at 414-937-3218.