New Business

B15New Business

Butler is home to the great Hampton Downtown area. There are many opportunities for retail and commercial business’, as well as redevelopment opportunities in the retail and manufacturing districts.

If you are looking to open a new business, be sure to check with the Building Inspection Department regarding the permits and approvals necessary prior to opening your business.
Required Approvals

Nearly every new business requires an occupancy permit prior to establish the business in Butler. Additionally alterations, repairs, and additions all require specific approvals prior to the start of the work. Please contact the Building Inspector at 262-783-2525 for more information.



Zoning defines the use of parcels of land by assigning them a classification or district. The standards adopted for each district specify the:

  • Type of building that can be constructed or improvements made
  • Distance it must be located from the property lines
  • Height of the building
  • Minimum square footage of a building
  • Other requirements