Occupancy Permits

Section 54-651 of the Butler Municipal Code states that "No building in any district shall have the use changed without the issuance of a new occupancy permit by the building inspector. No building used for business or industrial purposes shall be occupied by a new tenant or a new owner without the issuance of a new occupancy permit by the building inspector." These permits are essential so that emergency services know what type of business is in a particular space and how many people are going to be occupying said space. It is also necessary to ensure that the building or space is up to building and fire codes for the type of business that is going to be moving in. 

Applications for occupancy can be picked up at the Village Administration Counter or can be found online here. The fee is $210.00 and once the application is accepted, it will be forwarded on to the Village's Building Board for approval.

Once approved by the Board, the fire and building inspector will need to come through the premise to ensure code compliance. Once that is done, an occupancy permit will be issued by the Building Inspector. 

Failure to obtain an occupancy permit before moving into a space may result in the doubling of fees and/or the issuance of municipal citations.